The Fitness Advantages of Canoeing and Kayaking



When thinking of reasons to kayak and canoe, most people often think of recreation and fun. In addition to these benefits, kayaking and canoeing has some fitness advantages that will make you stronger and healthier. Kayaking and canoeing are great activities for developing endurance and strength. Unlike typical gym workouts, canoeing and kayaking provide challenging exercises, the exhilaration of water and fresh air as well as amazing scenery. The following are some fitness benefits of kayaking and canoeing.

Abdominal core strength

Paddling is one of the best ways to work out for the core. The lower and upper abdominal muscles of the core become stronger when you turn and move your paddle. In building your abdominal core strength, you’ll gain stability and balance which can help you reduce strain on your back.

Building arm and shoulder strength

A good way to build shoulder and arm strength is to paddle. Paddling involves water resistance and continuous motions. Canoeing and kayaking require control and precision. This is an excellent form of strength training without engaging in vigorous sport.

Cardio conditioning

Delaware river canoe trips  and kayaking are continuous motion activities. So, they’re a great way to burn calories, enhance cardiovascular health and raise the heart rate. Depending on the conditions of the river and wind, paddling can be a powerful interval training exercise.

Weight loss

You need some energy to paddle a canoe or kayak. This means you’ll burn some calories while canoeing or kayaking. You may burn 400 calories per hour. Therefore, you’ll burn approximately 1,200 calories if you paddle for 3 hrs.

Mental health

Aerobic workouts trigger the release of certain chemicals in the brain that can improve your mood quickly. If you’re stressed or depressed, kayaking and canoeing can give you a relaxing workout. Paddling a few times a week can make anyone feel better. You’ll have fun times and forget about your problems for the few hours you’ll be canoeing or kayaking.

Good source of vitamin

Spending time outdoors like delaware river kayaking allows your body to take in vitamin D. It’s sometimes difficult to get this type of vitamin regularly. Thus, you should engage in outdoor activities such as canoeing and kayaking.

Builds self-esteem and self-confidence

Overcoming challenges such as paddling long distances and steering through whitewater rapids is a great way to develop a positive self-image and confidence. Studies show that kayaking and canoeing can lead to an overall boost in self- satisfaction, sense of self-esteem and increased social skills.